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Our CEO, Aby Joseph has taken on board blogging as a new channel to communicate with people and customers from all around the world.

He commented “I will make a sure shot attempt to share my thoughts and reflections about,our partners, its status and the future on a regular basis . I hope you will find it interesting and useful, and I encourage you to share your ideas as comments”

You can see the blog here:

The’s Feedback form for this year has been formally released today 14th April 2010. This represents one of your greatest opportunities to provide feedback and bring about change in our day to day business. This year’s survey has changed – the questions have been simplified and many new features are being implemented to improve the process, and aid follow up of local actions.

Seeking direct feedback from customers and acting upon this feedback is fundamental to improving and making our services more efficient and effective.

We have developed a very simple feedback form to understand you & your needs better . We request you to kindly provide your valuable feeback .It wont take more than 3-4 minutes. Thanks in advance.

This is your chance to be heard !!
This is your chance to give comprehensive feedback, to reflect upon where you feel we still have gaps and where you may have experienced improvement.Please make sure you take this opportunity to be heard and help us serve your better.

Your input is not only valuable to us, it is critical. 

Give us your FEEDBACK today… Click here…

For more on this please see our Feedback page:

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