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Hi there,
We are proud to present you with this educational resourse on the net . is one of the most comprehensive sites for online information on a variety of topics including Study online,Study abroad,seminar topics

Many ask me that how they can help . Infact you can help us in a lots of ways. I’m trying to list a few of them.


    • Link Back to 
    • LINK TO US !!                                                        
    • Most of the us today have a website. Most of you’ll have a Blog or a personal page in a free hosting service. Also you’ll be members of many forums, groups, Communities. If you’ve one you can put a small link to from your home page. It need not be at the Top position. You can put it anywhere, even in the footer. Use the following HTML code if needed.


<a href=”; target=”_top”> EDUCATIONAL </a>

      • Tell about Us to your Friends
    • This helps us great for google indexing. Also if you’re a member in other communities put a link in your signatures.

  • Tell your friends & relatives about If possible sent an invite to all those in your Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail address book. Also you can sent messages to your friends in other forums & Communities without violating the policies.

    If you face any problems in using the site please let us know. We are ready to help.
    Have fun & Enjoy browsing


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