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Now a days seminar presentation has become an integral part any college curriculum . Therefore it is quite necessary to understand the importance of these presentations & approach them with a positive mindset and reap the maximum benefits in terms of academic marks as well as personal knowledge enhancement.  This in turn will be useful in the interviews at the end of the year where you can talk on the work you have done in a very authentic manner.

 The main goals of seminar presentation for the students is  to enhance:

  • their critical thinking skills
  •  to gain experience in the critical assessment of the available scientific literature
  •  to practice the use of various resources to locate and extract information using offline & online tools , journals
  • practice the preparation and presentation of scientific papers and seminars in an exhaustive manner

 Through in-depth research of a specific chosen topic ( for lots of Free Engineering & business  Seminar topics see ) , students will be exposed to all kind of  literature available on internet as well as in the college libraries and will thus gain an appreciation in their minds for the breadth and depth of current research going on and the process of scientific investigation being undertaken around the world to make our world a better place to live in for generations to come.

 Consult the text books / Professors  of the subject  to find / get some idea about your topics of your interest. Now a days there are quite a few websites dedicated to seminar topics such as , etc . They maintain a huge collection of topics from a wide variety if streams such as Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science /IT, Civil Engineering, chemical Engineering, Aerospace, Production, etc. Spend some time & Dig in their pages. Find an interesting topic or a  keyword. .Google it.. You will come across many interesting discussions & literatures to back up your chosen topic..

Have you ever come across the following dilemma before?


Your Professor comes to the class and announces the Seminar presentation.(Check out Topics for Seminar presentation-

  And you are given only a month’s time to present your seminar. And you are required to submit the Abstract in one weeks time and he also gives you a blow saying “ Topics taken by your seniors are not allowed/ accepted” And you don’t know what to do.

But one thing you are very clear. “ I want to take up a topic from my area of interest and I want to give a very good presentation and get maximum marks”.

But how? How to find the latest and current upcoming topic ? And for this reason we introduced our Service of Providing Engineering Seminar topics. You can now dream of a Nice Seminar with the help of


This is a One-Stop- Site for Seminar topics as well as allied information.(Hmm.. Technically we call it “Abstract”  or in simple terms a ‘One page write up about the topic or just telling what your are going to present )



The total number of engineering seminar topics provided here may baffle  you. You may not be in a position to narrow down to one. But this issue is resolved by arranging  the different topics into different streams of engineering and arranging them accordingly . They are classified into Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Computer, Civil, Chemical, Instrumentation, Automobile, Marine, Information Technology(IT) etc. Above this a broad classification has been made like Engineering Seminar topics, General seminar topics(MCA), Technical Seminartopics and Business/ Management Seminar topics etc. This will  help you even better to make your pick .


If you are hunting  for technical seminar topics, your hunt should end here in our site. One may find it difficult to do a seminar in technical engineering. But once check out our technical seminar pages  you will find it lot more easy .This gives you the possible topics in technical engineering and the details all about your chosen topics. If find a topic little out of your way(Seemingly a little tough to handle huh?), you can go for another as there are plenty of topic available with us in the site.


Here is possibly your next trouble. Your friends might have already selected the seminar topics that you wanted to take? Then?  There is nothing to panic. By being at Edufive, you are in safe heaven. We offers  you the topics which others could not have found so far or even unheard because, we have an in-house team keeping track of all latest development in industry & research and working hard to give you the best topics for seminar. . Now you can be proud before others with your all new seminar topics. Once you are in Edufive you will find yourself in the wilderness of engineering topics for your Student Seminar . This is the main attraction of Seminartopics – Edufive. Perhaps you will even be confused which one to choose. Such is the number of topics available in this site. It not only gives you different topics rather it gives the detailed info and links of the seminar topics it has. Thus, it saves your browsing time in other sites. Its like a Mega mart or a Super Store for topics- Just “All In One”


About The Author: Ms. Emma Groover is based in UK and works as the Career Adviser and lead in our technical team of ‘’. She has a wide experience in the field of Engineering, Consultancy & Research.

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