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Nano Technology-Fueling the Chemical Industry’s Future
Nanotechnology, as a whole is still an emerging area with the need to make progress in both scientific and technological terms before enormous commercialization of products may occur.
Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating and characterizing matter at the atomic and molecular level (at the sub 100 nm level). It is one of the most exciting fields of science, involving a multitude of science and engineering disciplines, with widespread applications in electronics, chemical industry advanced materials, medicine, IT.

This week we bring to you Top free seminar topics related to networking .Our team has listed a number of suggestions for computer seminar topics networking. With this list we intent to provide you Search results to network security Seminar and Advanced Topics in Computer Networking also. This time you will also get Related downloads files networking seminar topics with ppt giving abstract & Slide Material focusing on IEEE Networking Seminars. Various topics on network security applications has been included.
The main objective of this seminar section is to help students build on their networking knowledge and keep them up to date with the new technologies in
We hope that this new section under Edufive seminar topics will answer your questions: “ What’s the latest seminar topic in COMPUTER NETWORKS ?
To begin with here are a few seminar topics related to networking & computers which are hot topics:
• Application of Genetic Algorithms in Network routing
• Home networking
• Extensible IP Router Software
• Ultra Wide band Networking
• Efficient Peer-to-Peer Keyword Searching in nets
• delay tolerant network
• MANET The Art of Networking
• Wireless Intelligent Networking
For more similar topics you can go to our exclusive free Edufive Networking topics:
Also see the other various options available:
latest seminar topics 2011
technical seminar topics for ece
• More seminar topics with Index
technical seminar topics 2011
• engineering seminar topics for ece

 We now offer you full free seminar topics download from our site of all topics from a variety of fields such as Engineering, Management, Sciences & Applied Sciences etc.

Log on to  for more details .Here you will find latest engineering seminar topics here and download full topics and presentations for free.

 We also provide full report downloads free of cost ,just for your convenience. Just Click To Download Full Seminar. Also we propose to put up one-tw0-three full seminar paper (full papers) here..

This article evaluates the latest trends in Modern seminars and topics which are currently taken up fro technical presentation across the globe. We are contemplating on a Website ( which is developed to assist people who are looking for the latest Seminar topics especially engineering technical & Management seminar topics.

 The latent subjects describe modern technologies in various fields of science. seminars on topics in electrical and computer engineering including automatic control, biomedical engineering, communications and signal processing, computer engineering, electromagnetic fields, energy and power systems, photonics, plasma, and solid state.

The new Makeup-Seminar and Technical-Seminar Forums helps to develop in depth knowledge on various aspects of seminar presentation . The large number of topics listed in this technical topic resource will supply Upcoming seminar topics & details. Most of the topics are approved with focus on huge collection of academic seminars Begin your research for electrical seminar by choosing one of the electrical seminar topics below:

 Clean Electricity

 Microturbine Generator Systems

 Load monitoring (6)

 Infrared thermography

 MOCT (Magnetic Optical Current Transformer)

 Voltage Sag Analysis (7)

 Distribution System Relaying  Electrolytic Hydrogen: A Future Technology for Energy Storage  Night Vision (8)


Seminars & Seminar topics for Science, Engineering ,Management & Arts – Understanding the Importance

Seminars & Presentations on various current topics & trends  in the your respective field of study  have become an integral  part of any college curriculum in almost every field, right from, Basic Sciences, Management /Business , Engineering  and even Arts these days. In most cases seminar presentation comes out as a syllabus requirement towards fulfilling of your degree / PG certificate requirement. But however finding a proper seminar topic suiting your requirement & one that fits in your shoes is an amazingly challenging task for most of the students. This is mostly because they might be doing it for the first time. We have identified this difficulty faced by most of the students and are now offering FREE SEMINAR PRESENTATION TRAINING. For more details see:


There are innumerable advantages in spending sometime to  find a good  seminar topic to fulfill ones academic / Curriculum /syllabus   requirements. Some of them are:

  1. It’s an opportunity to show your dedication to learn new techniques in your field. See it like as an chance and enjoy  rather than a looking at it as a stumbling block.
  2. Increased Exposure and insight into latest & current technologies makes you more confident during interviews when compared other students who copy-paste or repeat senior’s seminars.
  3. Its helps you in identifying your areas of interest and subsequently facilitate in deciding and researching for  final year project.
  4. Improves and updates you knowledge about upcoming trends, research areas.
  5. If done well it serves as a medium  to secure good marks and improve your percentage/average.
  6. It indirectly help to improve your re-search skills and use of internet for research and studies.

Unfortunately most of the students do not  find a good topic to start with and end up repeating the seminars which were already delivered by seniors. This adds no value to their professional or personal profile. Finally, neither they get the real benefit from seminars nor understand its need in academic curriculum. But now has come up with an idea of being the single source that could help students finding these topics. Few student do a good research but due lack of presentation knowledge, they could not deliver to their potentials.(We now offer free Seminar presentation training. Visit our Website for more details) . is an initiative of a group of engineering graduates with an intention of helping the Engineering students to find a suitable Seminar topic and allied information. You will find  new Seminar Topics in Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science /IT, Civil Engineering, chemical Engineering, Automobile, Architectural, Aviation, Aerospace, Earthquake Engineering etc.. We have a dedicated team consisting of people from Engineering Research and Industry striving hard to provide latest topics, new seminar suggestions and current trends. The idea is to support every topic with a short description and references for further study and research. With this We believe that students can have a look the introduction and if they like it can go and continue reading from the supportive links provided.

For more see:

Apart from topics given in the above link here are some latest add on’s from Team !You are always welcome to shoot your queries  and suggest now topics if you have some. We are always happy to help!.

Telecommunication Seminar topics Page added

The seminar topics page   on telecommunications will focus on the latest developments in ad hoc mobile wireless networks. The seminar sections page will cover new radio technologies, current ad hoc routing protocols, available service discovery mechanisms, overall ad hoc networking architecture issues and concerns , application networking and many more recent development from telecom sector.

These seminar topics are targeted for graduate , post-graduate and advanced under-graduate students. Preferably students who are in Telecommunications and Multimedia will find these pages more useful. Students who have undertaken the Electronics & Communication stream or main course communication engineering will find these topics interesting. All topics were presented in a simple, easy to understand manner. All Seminar topics ,papers & abstract  language shall be  English as of now. In future we may offer paper & topics in other languages also.

For further details & exclusive topics for seminar presentation Please refer-

You will find e a short description of the topic you would like to cover in the seminar, along the lines of what you would perhaps call it as  the abstract of the seminar paper itself. The abstract simply tells you what is the subject matter you would be presenting, from what angle would you be discussing and throwing some light at it, what would be the scope of your seminar presentation paper etc. All these seminar topics  focuses on the current trends in dealing with the telecom industry.

Here is  another easy link to catch up with some more cool funda topics:

This page will also feature contemporary and relevant topics concerning telecom and media convergence.

Every Engineering Student has to go through this!! No one is spared!! It’s a matter of marks and grades. Being an Engineering student you are expected to present a seminar during your final or pre-final semesters. Often this is a part of your curriculum or syllabi. So you are left with no option but to do it.


But for most of the students, it’s a scary thing!! Coz they are not used to it. Or simply our educational system has not prepared them to do it. Or they may not have given any presentation in front of group or crowd before!! This makes it even more difficult.


But now you don’t need to worry a lot. Coz now we (  are there to guide & help you on every aspect of your Seminar presentation. Right from Selecting a topics, finding allied info, submitting the abstract, Finding details etc.

A large number of free engineering seminar topics from all the major streams of Engineering such as Electrical,Mechanical,Civil,Electronics,Computer science,Information Technology etc and some associated streams such as Automobile,production,are made available here @

We maintatin and update  a amazing collection of latest seminar topics for computer science information technology topics keeping track of latest trends,developing technology right from research houses and lab floors across the world, so that you get to present a seminar which is all new and may be even unheard of.

We make a free Seminar schedule and identify the topics to suit your needs during the seminar season,. But our team work s round the year updating and adding 1000’s of new topics to our huge database of available topics.

We also provide Free Notes on engineering subjects and business like Computer Science, Mechanical, Electronics etc.

An  engineering student,need to know some good seminar topics in electronics, then can help you out.You can even get in touch with our technical team to get clarifications on a certain topics which you have handpicked from our listed seminar database.GEt Utilmate ideas and superb topics for your seventh semester seminar presentation.

For More Details Please see:

Our Engineering Seminars Website ( ) contains tons of Free (absolutely, u dont have to pay for this guys!!))Engg Seminars from different Engineering Branches. This Website has a lot of Electrical & Electronics  Engineering Seminars.  Our team here at is also trying our level best to collect the maximum number of latest Engineering Seminars and add it into our official Blog (Of course, this one…!!) / site . We  also discuss various other Technical Topics like the Latest Technologies, advancement in the respective fields, concurrent engineering developments etc…

Our technical team has members who are working in various industries worldwide, associated researches who are in a position to update us of whatever latest developments happening in industry from time to time.So we are confident of letting you know that we provide Fresh maal – out of the lab(  i just mean latest topics )

This blog provides a comprehensive and exclusive results for seminar topics and its associated contents with even abstratcs and links. You can pick your category by clicking the appropriate link given in various articles & Links given on the right hand side of this page. We are providing these seminars at a free of cost. ie, there is no charges for any of these seminars. But We would like to hear from you. PLease send us your comments on these topics by email. You know, at Edufive, we are always happy to hear from you.As i might have told u earlier, your responses and mails are what drives us here to work harder and smarter. This will help us to make this blog more useful to you. If you are interesed in submitting a seminar to our seminar database (DB) , you can email that to our Site Admin : .

We now offer Free Seminar Presenattaion Classes in and around Pune and Mumbai  (India) in your own college campuses. We invite educational institutions & colleges to utilise this opportunity and arrange for free training  classes offered by .All you need to do is contact our Site Administrator via email or phone and arrange for a presentation in your institute ata time which is convenient for you. We prefer Saturdays . This is being executed from  our pune office now and later we intent to offer the same in other parts of India as well. Our team shall visit your campus and this training shall be given to your students.

This training shall include:

    • How to present a seminar effectively.?
    • How to choose a topics of your interest?
    • How to find related information on the topic?
    • How to prepare power point presentation?
    • How to prepare an abstract?
    • How to organise a full seminar paper? And lot more…

For More details on this’s  new initiative of providing Latest Technology oriented Free New Seminar Presentation and new technology seminar topics with paper presentations  which can cater to your needs for general seminar topics, which is advanced and to help you to choose  really cool topics with combined  presentations and discussions of specific topics and new topics that emerged as the seminar please See our FREE SEMINAR PRESENTATION TRAINING CLASSES Page by clicking here..

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