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Beware – recruitment scams on the increase!

It has come into notice lately that various individuals or organizations have used real company  names to solicit advance fees and documentation from applicants in relation to non-existing jobs by sending out letters with what appears to be real  company logo.

Fraudsters pretending to represent Genuine companies are sending e-mails, letters and texts offering employment to prospective employees. These offers often look legitimate and include job description, salary, and benefit details.

These fraudsters then ask for payment to obtain visas or to process immigration documents.

Always Remember the following :

Genuine companies never ask for payment to process documents, and  never refer you to a third party to process applications or visas, and  never ask you to pay costs.

 Genuine companies Never send money or pass on personal details to anyone suggesting they can provide employment with any Company  and never reply to an email address that does not end at company domain

TO Protect you from such scams : Always remember the following about real Companies;

Companies  does not ask for money transfers or payments from applicants to secure a job, either as an employee or as a contractor, and will never ask for payments towards travel expenses, travel insurance or visas/work permits, etc. Therefore you should assume that such individuals and organizations are not providing genuine offers or services. Also During our recruitment process you will always meet in person with a company  employee or representative before any formal offer is made.

Before we begin , here is a word of caution .The Dubai job market is VERY competitive. The demand for performance is a constant pressure here & you should be prepared to take this. It is excellent for employers, but makes it difficult for employees! Although it’s booming the whole world seems to want to move here, so competition for jobs is severe. Last year over 800 people moved to Dubai each day! That’s a big number & you should keep this in mind.

1. Before you arrive in #Dubai there are couple of things you can do while you are still in your home country. All these can be done while you are still in your home country so that you don’t lose ur valuable time when you arrive here and you can start applying for jobs from day one

a. Modify your present CV to suit the Middle east requirements such as adding photo to ur CV , mentioning your EXP in the first few line itself etc. In ME your GCC experience counts more than your educational qualification

b. Register yourself with leading recruitment agencies as listed below before you arrive:
Manpower ME
Gulf Talent
Of course, there are many more, but these have the better reputation.

If  yours is a experienced role , suggest to contact reputed agents. 


BAC Recrutiment-



MORGAN McKinley-

c. Create profiles in the following ME job sites:

d. Do random search on job search engines such as ‘’ for a particular key word or the designation you are looking for. Among the search results you will email Ids of contact persons who have posted ads. Email your cv to them mentioning the source reference .Follow up with them after you send it and try to fix up an appointment so that you can attend the interview when you arrive.

e. Get your educational certificates attested prior to heading to Dubai. We strongly recommend to authenticate their documents (especially educational, marriage or birth) in the home country before coming to the United Arab Emirates.
Your degree needs to get attested from University, ministry of higher education of the state, & UAE embassy. There are several agents who do this for a fee and free you from all the hassle. You can even get this done after you arrive here, but they will be very expensive.

2. You need to have an updated CV and a good presentation letter and be ready to send your CV online to companies and recruitment agencies and you have to also go and hand a hard copy of your CV to prospective employers in Dubai and recruitment agencies in Dubai free zones like Dubai Internet city and Jebel Ali free Zone

3. Scan through the Job section in Gulf news daily news paper & apply for jobs

4. For every CV you send out, confirm the receipt and do the necessary follows after a week or so. This will show that you are genuinely interested in obtaining a position with that firm.They will be receiving hundreds of Cv daily .This follow up will help you to draw their attention to your CV

5. Do as much research as you can about the companies in your field. Find out whether those companies have Dubai office.

6. Check out the local newspapers online, such as and Check out which companies from your country are operating in Dubai – maybe you can get an interview in your own country and ask for a Dubai posting.

7. Sitting in your home country & looking for a job sounds easy but if you are serious about getting a job here, you should come here and do the search.

8. Ideally come to Dubai on holiday, see as many relevant employment agencies and companies as you can while you’re here. Thousands of people are coming here on visit visas looking for jobs. You are much more likely to be offered a job if they can interview you in person.

9. Go to Dubai in cooler months – Expect a lot of walking around town for interviews and some companies are far from bus/train stations so you are required to walk. Bear in mind though that jobs in the cooler months are competitive as Dubai welcomes a deluge of job seekers.

10. Remember there is Nothing that beats networking. Network often, and network well. Getting a job in Dubai is competitive because everyone wants one. Build relationships and establish your credibility and enthusiasm in advance and often. This will assure you will have interviews lined up when you visit.

11. Special note to Females: be alert of the danger signs – There are those employers that take advantage of desperate female job seekers, be sharp and alert to read the signs.

12. There are a number of really good recruitment agencies (as listed above) depending on what line of work you fall into. Look them up, visit their sites, register, post your CV etc

In fact there are many that you should avoid. If you hear of any company guaranteeing you a job in return for an upfront charge, you know it’s too good to be true. Stay clear of these .Your money will end up in a black hole.

13. Many of the agencies and companies will advertise daily in the Appointments Sections of the Gulf News and the Khaleej Times, so be sure to pick up your copies, if you are in town.

14. Don’t just fax your CV to potential employers – it’ll get binned. Get the resources and call them instead. Request for an appointment.

15. If you are serious about looking for a job, then get your degree certificates, marriage certificate etc attested in your own country. These are essential for processing your & your spouse’s visa. Its very expensive & difficult to get it done from here. This would be a good start off point.

16. Positions in the freezones (internet city, media city, Jebel ali etc) are usually easier to get than others

17. Beware of scams – NEVER pay any amount for those ‘consultancy’ companies offering to receive your CV and finding a job on your behalf – in exchange for any amount .Here is the Thumb rule: never trust any firms that require you to pay cash in exchange for a job, no matter how small the amount!

18. Here are some Good agencies / firms that accept online applications for jobs: (Proceed with caution, there are lots of jobs posted by a consultancy in Sharjah & Ajman, which is a scam)

19. Create a single line description that tells about your current profile. Post this as an Ad in free classified sites mentioning your contact number and email ID in the description for eg: “Project Engineer with 4 years of exp in Project management , Procurement & expediting seeing a suitable job. call :050 ***** . Email : XXXX”. This will help you to promote yourself on job boards & search engines and will give a heads up .

20. And once you are here in Dubai you should also explore the option of giving “Situation /Job wanted ads in local newspapers for a nominal rates in the classified sections” of leading news papers such as gulf news, Khaleej times etc

21. Follow local news and updates and keep yourself informed at all times. You can follow twitter feeds such as @hashDubai ( latest news & current events in Dubai

22. Use online Resume creating tools such as – to create a copy of you resume online.You can promote this personal resume page on social media sites such as your facbook wall, your twitter page etc to get increased visibility for your CV. Always ensure that you give your contact details, most importantly your Direct phone number/ mobile number & email Id so that prospective recruiters can reach you without any difficulty.

Here are few steps to actually get a job in India for fresher’s and recent graduates currently searching for jobs:

1. First make an attractive CV. Work really hard on your CV as this will be basis of your entire job search. See how and use the tips :

2. Prepare a cover letter / cover Email highlighting your skills and tell the why they should hire you.

3. Create a profile on popular job sites –,,, etc & start applying for jobs on these sites

4. Create / update your profile with latest info. Add your skills & Achievements

5. Scan the job section in newspapers daily & apply.

6. Subscribe to any Job news paper like ‘Employment News’ and apply for jobs from it.

7. Register with your local government Employment office in your area.

8. Tell people who are working that you are looking for a job – friends, family members , neighbors anyone.. Make a list of all of your friends, relatives, and acquaintances who are working with well known companies. Call each one and ask them if they know of any openings that they could recommend you for.

9. Search for job consultants / agents on internet , create a list of them and send them your CV. Never go to just one agency. Always go to as many as possible. It is easy and it increases your chances a lot!

10. Move to / relocate yourself to Metros where job opportunities are more like Pune, banglore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Noida, Chennai etc

11. Contact you seniors from your college through social media such as Facebook, twitter etc who are already working and ask for openings in their companies

12. Attend Job fairs and Job seminars

13. Prepare well for interviews in advance. Practice your answers for standard questions in most of the interviews such as : ‘Tell me about yourself?’ ; ‘What do you know about us ?’ ; Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?’; ‘what’s your future plans?’

14. Research the company. Become familiar with the past of the company. Who started it? Where? Who runs it now? Be inventive, and out do the other candidates.

15. When you go for the interview – dress appropriately to create the right impression

16. Prepare for a Situational interview. Be ready to answer questions such as “Describe a time you had to work with someone you didn’t like.” “Tell me about a time when you had to stick by a decision you had made, even though it made you very unpopular.

17. If you are still studying or yet to complete your course, try starting with volunteering jobs for an organization that focuses on something that you’re passionate about or part time assistance jobs. This will help you to have a good understanding of your future job as well can highlight in you CV. You should emphasize your volunteer experience on your resume, as companies that take care of their workforce well tend to favor candidates who help the public somehow.

18. Also another option is to be self-employed or an entrepreneur, in which case your mission is not to find and get a job, but to create a job.

19. So now stop complaining about no work, get off the sofa and go knock on doors with resume in hand. If you do that all day, every day, you will then be choosing which job you are willing to take.

Good luck folks… Send us you feed back !

And Just a Warning before we wind up this article:
If you are doing a job search, you will get rejected sometimes. If you’re not getting discarded, you’re not putting yourself out there enough. And if you don’t learn to see rejection as a chance to improve your approach, then you’ll have a very hard time getting a work.

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